Two characters riding birds through the meadowlands of Monster Hunter Wilds
Image: Capcom

Capcom showed off its open-world take on the franchise at State of Play

Capcom has circled back to reveal more about Monster Hunter Wilds, the open-world entry in its beloved Monster Hunter series, after having previously revealed the game at The Game Awards 2023. At PlayStation State of Play on Thursday, a new gameplay trailer showed off way more of this massive upcoming title. There’s still no release date — besides just “2025” — but now we know a bit more about how the game looks.

The new gameplay trailer introduced what appears to be an ensemble cast of characters, trading quips amongst one another while riding a big boat that somehow is traveling over the sand dunes of a huge desert. A series of shots then depicts these characters exploring a diverse range of environments that are — you guessed it — full of monsters. The trailer then showed some classic-looking Monster Hunter battles, with over-the-shoulder shots of a character who has a vast array of weapons at their disposal.

The Monster Hunter franchise, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2024, is comprised of dozens of wildly successful games across every platform — even the tabletop. The bestselling entry in the franchise, Monster Hunter: World (2018), was a huge action-adventure game but didn’t actually feature an open-world — despite the “World” in its title. Its follow-up, Monster Hunter: Rise (2021), followed the same formula. Since Monster Hunter Wilds will have a fully open world, fans can expect more freewheeling exploration through much bigger maps and biomes.

We still don’t know exactly when in 2025 we’ll be exploring the world of Monster Hunter Wilds, but we do know the game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

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