Two Cult of the Lamb characters looking horrified together, in a garden.
Image: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital

The Unholy Alliance update was announced during Friday’s Devolver Direct

It’s Cult of the Lamb, but make it goat. That’s right, developer Massive Monster is adding two-player multiplayer co-operative play to Cult of the Lamb — with a goat. Announced Friday during Devolver Digital’s Devolver Direct, the free update, called Unholy Alliance, will be released on Aug. 12.

In the update, the Lamb and the Goat will be able to complete the entire Cult of the Lamb campaign in local co-op. Massive Monster said in a news release that Cult of the Lamb’s fishing and dice game, knucklebones, will have a two-player twist, too. The Lamb and the Goat will be able to “swap weapons, deal extra damage when fighting back-to-back, or deal a critical hit if their attacks are in sync,” according to the press release. But it’s not only about co-op: Solo players will have a few new powers and abilities to try out — on top of “new tarot cards, relics, buildings, fleeces, follower traits, follower quests, and other secrets to discover.”

Massive Monster and Devolver Digital released Cult of the Lamb in 2022, and it was a major hit. Since then, Massive Monster has released two free updates: the notorious “sex update” Sins of the Flesh and a combat-focused expansion called Relics of the Old Faith.

Cult of the Lamb’s Unholy Alliance update will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X on Aug. 12.

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